Delta Force is Coming For Battlefield’s Broken Crown

delta force

For those that don’t remember the Delta Force series of games – which was admittedly a limited series – you’re not missing much. In 1998, the first game was released on PC, emerging as a borderline milsim title based around the military unit of the same name. It was way back in 2009 that the last game in the short-lived series was released – but now, a complete reboot has been revealed, and it looks like it’s coming for Battlefield’s somewhat broken crown.

In a short, thirty-second trailer, we’re treated to a glimpse at the all-new Delta Force game that’s being developed by Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group. In case you’re not familiar, TiMi is a Chinese studio responsible for the likes of COD Mobile, Pokémon Unite, and Arena of Valor.

Delta Force is the studio’s latest undertaking, and on the surface, it looks like it’s trying to out-Battlefield Battlefield.

Delta Force Returns After 14 Years

There’s a full reveal scheduled to take place during the opening night showcase for Gamescom, but for now, we’ll have to settle with picking apart the thirty-second trailer that was recently uploaded online:

It’s a bit confusing at first glimpse, but let’s outline what we already know:

  • There’s a single-player campaign themed around 1993’s Battle of Mogadishu, which is the military operation in Somalia that spawned the 2001 movie, Black Hawk Down. This particular operation boasted heavy involvement from Delta Force operators.
  • There’s a sizeable multiplayer offering included, featuring ‘large-scale PvP’ battles that will incorporate land, sea, and air combat across wide, open maps. Battlefield?

Strangely, the trailer reveals elements that might not necessarily be considered ‘accurate’ that seem to be designed to boost the fantastical nature of the large-scale multiplayer environment. For instance, ‘recon arrows’ fired from bows that absolutely were not a thing during the Battle of Mogadishu.

We also see a soldier ‘powering up’ through the use of some kind of wrist-mounted device – again, not something we’d have seen used during the early 1990s by the United States military. There are weapons, vehicles, and constructs that don’t correlate with that timeline, so we can assume that Delta Force will traverse several ‘eras’ – much like Battlefield 2042’s Portal Mode.

On that note, there are shots in the thirty-second trailer that could have been pulled straight from a Battlefield 2042 showcase, and there are sounds present in the video – such as a Desert Eagle firing – that are ripped straight from Call of Duty.

Battlefield is in the trenches right now, suffering under the weight of too many failures and an ever-dwindling player base. Will Delta Force step in and snatch the large-scale combat crown?

It’s a bizarre mix – we’ll find out more when the full reveal takes place on August 22nd.

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  1. Tencent. That’s all that had to be said. The AAA space is borderline dead at this point.

  2. Oh heck yeah! I love this game! Played for hours…. on dial up!
    This is what really got me hooked on fps games. Thank you for this! I’m already in line.

  3. The Delta Force parent company, Novalogic, made the massive multiplayer shooter Joint Ops.
    In that game you used vehicles and massive maps.
    It sounds like they might have just taken both games and thrown them under the Delta Force title.
    For Delta Force, most multiplayer had no vehicles, short of preplanned chopper routes in Black Hawk Down.

  4. It has that same dull empty look cod has with vehicles. BF crown is just fine. Notice how you called it the BF crown? There is always something off feeling with these off brand games

  5. Delta Force games were great for their time, they did large scale battles before Battlefield took their place. You could make custom maps as large as you wanted, which I have not seen since Delta Force.

  6. Not missing out on much? Mate the delta force games were absolutely incredible. They were made by Novalogic whereas the game in this article is not so they are not the same games

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