Will Sailing Become Old School RuneScape’s First EVER New Skill?

old school runescape sailing

Old School RuneScape is now more than a decade old, and it’s about to receive its first new skill ever – and the community can vote on what they want that skill to be. In recognition of the steady popularity of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), developer Jagex has invested quite a lot of time and effort in creating constant content and updates for OSRS, and now, there’s an interesting new skill potentially on the horizon: sailing.

It’s quite an immersive skill, admittedly – and if the community votes to incorporate it in Old School RuneScape, it could change the face of the game for some players. In a ten-minute breakdown, Jagex’s developers showcased the proposed sailing skill, showing how vessels and ships get bigger, better, and more customised as they’re levelled up, and how it’ll open up all-new activities like enhanced fishing, mining, and combat features.

Sailing Could Totally Change OSRS

It’s an ambitious prospect – I’ve not played RuneScape for around fifteen years, and the ten-minute video that was dropped by Jagex has me excited in some bizarre way. It showcases aquariums, ocean-based raids, new resources and environments, all-new legendary items, new quests, and companionship opportunities.

It’s now up to the community, which stands as the final barrier blocking Old School RuneScape’s first new skill. There’s a poll available on the RuneScape website, accompanied by a massive knowledge base document that breaks down every single aspect of this potential update. It’s almost guaranteed to pass and be written into OSRS history, but it’s still nice that the OSRS team is including the community at this level.

Are you excited about the prospect of sailing in Old School RuneScape?

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