How to Use Infusions in Nightingale

Nightingale Knife
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As a survival game with a handful of RPG mechanics, Nightingale offers unique ways to power yourself up to tackle any foe in the game. One such way is through Infusions. These powerful boosts can enhance your weapons and armor tenfold. Here is how to use Infusions in Nightingale!

How to Get and Use Infusions in Nightingale

To craft Infusions in Nightingale, you must first acquire a Simple Enchanter’s Focus from Puck by finishing Site of Power. Once done with the first one, you’ll receive the Simple Saw Table, Simple Smelter, and Simple Mortar Station, which further unlocks the various ingredients you require to infuse your weapons and armor.

Once you have everything, including the Simple Enchanter’s Focus crafting bench, you can craft various Infusions to suit your playstyle.

But most players don’t know that you can find Infusions in the world and automatically equip them to your gear straight from the inventory screen. Once you have one, gathered via a point of interest, chest, or by killing enemies, you can right-click the Infusion and apply it to an appropriate piece of gear. But not just any gear will work. It must be Uncommon or higher.

Alternatively, you can purchase additional Infusions by speaking with the Essence Trader. They occasionally have some for sale, but expect an exorbitant price tag.

What Do Infusions Do in Nightingale?

There are countless Infusions throughout the game, which are more likely to come throughout Early Access, and each one offers a different boon. Some offer:

  • Improved Stealth
  • Poison Resistance
  • Stamina Regeneration
  • Item Durability

You’ll find additional recipes with varying and sometimes better bonuses from the Essence Trader or via Hope Echoes scattered throughout the game world.

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