How to Recruit Followers in Nightingale

Nightingale Bedrolls
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The world of Nightingale is, despite outward appearances, harsh. As you wander through the woods, the birds chirping and hogs snorting just in the distance, you’ll find yourself under attack from all sides by nefarious beings. It pays to have someone watching your back. But if you don’t want to play with friends, you can recruit followers in Nightingale!

How to Recruit NPC Companions in Nightingale

As you progress through the game’s prologue and inevitably wind up in your Abeyance Realm, where you can build a base, exploring the world unlocks new mechanics, like the ability to recruit companions. For that, head over to the Essence Trader. Usually, an NPC or two are hanging around the same area, and one is almost always available to recruit.

To recruit a follower in Nightingale, walk up and speak with them. You’ll receive an option to recruit them, but it requires completing a task first. They have work of their own to complete. The task itself isn’t usually challenging. It’s gathering, crafting, or slaying specific monsters in the immediate area.

Once you’re done, you can recruit the followers. They’ll hang around with you or chill at your base.

Why You Should Recruit Followers in Nightingale

The companion system is quite helpful in Nightingale. Once you recruit a follower, you can have them follow you, fight enemies, cut down trees, gather resources, and help build items in and around your base. Oh, and they’ll put up the walls, too.

In Early Access, followers do not require any food or sleep. If they die to enemies, you can revive them. But if you’d like to avoid your buddy going down in battle, equip them with a better weapon and some clothing/armor. They’ll hold their own against anything the Fae Realms throws your way!

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