How to Split Stacks in Nightingale

Nightingale Swamp Realm
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

In a game firmly planted within the survival crafting genre, scooping up and using resources is a significant part of the gameplay of Nightingale. You’ll grab plant fiber, wood, stone, berries, bones, and more. But you may need to learn how to split stacks in Nightingale to keep it all organized!

How to Split Item Stacks in Nightingale

To split stacks in Nightingale, select the item you want to split and hold down ‘Shift’ while dragging the item to a new inventory space. That said, the mechanic is quite finicky. I couldn’t get the split stack feature to work in my regular inventory, even when testing it with a stack of just two items and then a second stack of twenty items. But after a falling tree killed me, I respawned to a large crate full of my items on the ground. When retrieving everything, I could split the stacks with no issues.

It is, unfortunately, quite clear that Nightingale requires a few bug fixes and tweaks, and inventory management is a part of that.

How Splitting Stacks Works in Nightingale

When you get the stack-splitting mechanic to work in Nightingale, it works flawlessly. Here’s a little trick; instead of dying like I did, build a small campfire and then split stacks when transferring items to the campfire inventory from your player inventory. It should work just fine, but only with certain items.

Ultimately, you may find yourself exhausted with the unintuitive inventory management mechanics and build a base with multiple storage chests to satisfy the issue.

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