How to Fix the Nightingale Shards Error

Nightingale Witch Enemy
Image via Inflexion Games

With a relatively rough launch into Early Access, Nightingale is experiencing an influx of interested players who, sadly, are plagued by various errors. One such issue, the Nightingale Shards Error, prevents folks from playing altogether. Here’s how to solve the problem!

How to Fix Nightingale Shards Error

To solve the Nightingale Shards Error, one of the most common error messages in the game currently, first try to restart the game and steam to check for an update to the game itself. Otherwise, consider the following fixes and tweaks:

  1. Verify your game files to check for an update.
  2. Follow the official Discord for server maintenance announcements.
  3. If you’re actively using a VPN, turn it off for the time being. The developer does not recommend using a VPN to play Nightingale.
  4. Ensure you have a stable wireless or, better yet, a wired connection.
  5. If all else fails, try to reboot your computer and install the game on an SSD.

What Causes the Shards Error in Nightingale?

The reason you or anyone is receiving the “error getting shards” message in Nightingale is not that the game is severely broken or dysfunctional. It is, at least somewhat, right now. But the reality is the Shards Error occurs because the developer is performing maintenance on the game’s servers.

It’s a temporary outage in which the team works tirelessly to solve the problem and ensure you have a better overall experience. You can follow their official Discord for more information about server maintenance, as this is an always-online cooperative game.

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