How to Play With Friends in Nightingale

Nightingale Multiplayer
Image via Inflexion Games

As an always-online cooperative experience, one would expect to join a party in Nightingale with zero issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always how things work in Early Access. Sometimes, things break. Here is how to play with friends in Nightingale!

How to Play Co-op in Nightingale

First and foremost, to play co-op in Nightingale, you must complete the prologue and enter the Abeyance Realm, where you may invite your friends to join your game. To invite anyone to your game, access the Party menu by hitting ‘P’ on your keyboard, automatically bringing up the Party and Social tab. From here, you can set your game to Private or Public, create a party, leave your current party, and search for your pal’s username to invite them.

You have two options when inviting someone. You can invite a player you met recently, such as in a public game, or invite a friend.

How Multiplayer Works in Nightingale

As a fully PvE cooperative game, Nightingale allows you to join a party and work together to complete quests, explore points of interest, and even build a base together. You and up to five friends can enjoy the intricacies and vastness of a single Realm.

That said, only the host will make progress. Everything is tied to the Realm’s host, including quest progress and items gathered in the world. Sadly, anyone joining the Realm will not return to their own with any items.

Furthermore, regarding the game’s progression mechanics, most everything is tied to your character. If you join a game in which the host is leagues ahead of you in the story, you can still tackle the quests you’re on with zero interruption. But points of interest, on the other hand, will update with the Realm. Their progress is tied to the Realm itself, not the party or player, so you can’t save your progress on a challenging puzzle and play it solo later.

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