Nightingale: Where to Find Plant Fiber in the Desert

Nightingale Desert Pond
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

One of the earliest biomes you’ll explore as part of the prologue in Nightingale is the desert. It’s an unforgiving land with walking tree beasts, oppressive heat, and mysterious ruins just off in the distance from where your portal opens. It’s also home to new resources, like plant fiber. Here is where to find plant fiber in Nightingale’s desert biome!

How to Find Plant Fiber in the Desert in Nightingale

When you spawn in the desert, it’s not immediately evident where to find plant fiber in Nightingale, but if you search around, especially just up the hill past the rock formations, you should see some in no time. Instead of scooping up the alien-like shrubs with the red leaves, look for the weeds and plants with flowers blooming out of the top.

I had the best luck finding plant fiber down by the water. It’s near the next portal, where you will eventually meet Puck. If you travel up the hill from the initial portal, then into the copse of trees just down from the hilltop, you should spot the water. There, you can find plenty of reeds growing along the water’s edge. Scoop these up for an abundant source of plant fiber!

What is Plant Fiber Used For in Nightingale?

You require plant fiber in Nightingale for a handful of early-game crafting recipes. It would be best if you had the resource for:

  • Stick Tent
  • Bedroll
  • Makeshift Hunting Knife
  • Makeshift Mining Pick
  • Makeshift Sickle
  • Makeshift Torch
  • Makeshift Wood Axe

Trust me when I tell you that you definitely want a tent, bedroll, and tools as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you’ll succumb to the harsh elements of the Fae Realm. Plus, having to pick up twigs and stones with your bare hands isn’t cool. You need an axe and pick!

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