How to Get Stone Blocks in Nightingale

Nightingale Stone Node
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Early on, Nightingale explains that you require stone to craft certain items, like a campfire, to cook up your berries and meat. But it never explains further. As you progress, you will inevitably want to place down an Estate Cairn, which is how you claim land to build a base, but it requires Stone Blocks. Here is how to get Stone Blocks in Nightingale!

Where to Get Stone Blocks in Nightingale

To get Stone Blocks in Nightingale, you must find a stone node scattered throughout the game world and use a pick axe to mine the Stone Blocks. Don’t be like me! I whipped out my pick and attempted to smack every rock I found, not realizing that not every rock in the game produces resources. Some, unfortunately, are just for show. You want the stone nodes with the green mining prompt over them.

Once you smack the rock node with your pick, it will break apart into a handful of Stone Blocks (Sandstone), and you can scoop them all up by tapping ‘E’ to grab one or holding ‘E’ to pick them all up at once.

What You Need Stone Blocks For in Nightingale

You need Stone Blocks for numerous reasons, but most importantly to construct the Estate Cairn. Without a Cairn, you cannot claim land and build a base. Furthermore, the Cairn prevents enemies from spawning in the immediate area, thereby protecting you and your various workbenches and storage boxes.

Once you have a Cairn in place, you’ll note the building menu expands quite a bit. You should now have access to various base-building pieces, including stone walls, doorways, windows, ceilings, and foundations. All of these stone items require Stone Blocks. If you don’t want to build out of twigs and wood, you’ll want to focus on mining plenty of stone in Nightingale!

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