How to Respec Passives in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Passive Respec
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I’m the type of player who is seemingly never happy with their build. I can always imagine ways to feel more potent in an RPG, which usually requires spending a ton of gold to respec skills and passives. Here is how to respec passives in Last Epoch!

How to Reset Passive Skills in Last Epoch

To reset passive skills in Last Epoch, you must track down Chronomancer Lerinne at The Keepers’ Camp, which is the first hub you’ll discover as you move through the introduction to the game. It’s a safe zone, and Lerinne is waiting just off to the side by the portal in the center.

If you speak with her, you can choose to “Respecialize Mastery Point Allocations.” You want to select this option, as it will open up your passive skill tree and allow you to reallocate your passive skill points.

If you’re unsatisfied with your current build, perhaps you’re not dealing enough damage, or you’re too squishy, you can reset the points and optimize your build better.

Can You Respec Skill Points in Last Epoch?

While the many passive skills in Last Epoch can provide you with unique and powerful buffs in the background, your active skills help you deal damage and slay mobs. Sometimes, you’re not satisfied with those, either.

Huzzah! You can respec skill points in Last Epoch, too. It’s simple; open up your skill tree, select the skill you’re unsatisfied with, and select ‘Respec’ at the top right of the menu. From there, you can choose where to place additional points and how to flesh out each ability, should you decide to specialize.

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