How to Get the Bee Pet in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Druid
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As an ARPG, Last Epoch features so much content to tackle. You have dungeons, quests, and end-game arenas; you can party with a friend, trade items, and unlock various pets and cosmetics. Everyone wants the bee pet in Last Epoch right now, so here’s how to get one for yourself!

How to Unlock the Bee Pet in Last Epoch

To unlock the bee pet in Last Epoch, you must send your referral code to interested players. At least one player must claim you as their referral, and you can use the code up to three times. If someone claims you, then you’ll receive the bee pet. It’s just a cosmetic, though. The pet does not offer any buffs or unique mechanics.

Refer a Friend

You can now send your invite code to a friend and they can claim you as the person who referred you to purchase Last Epoch.

You may only claim one person as the person who referred you.

Each time a person enters your referral code, you will receive one of three Bee-themed cosmetic pet rewards, up to a maximum of 3.

Referral codes can be sent from the Social panel.

Eleventh Hour Games

So, get out there and spread your code to the world!

How Do Referral Codes Work in Last Epoch?

If you purchase a copy of Last Epoch, you automatically earn the ability to send out a referral code. It’s a method to encourage new players to give the ARPG a shot and is quite effective. Here’s the kicker, however. You can only send out a limited number of referral codes to receive a reward. Once the person accepts the code and purchases the game, they can list you as the referee, and you unlock additional cosmetics and pets when available.

Right now, the only one available is the bee pet, though. But hey, it’s so dang cute!

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