How Big is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? – Answered

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Cloud
Image via Square Enix

We live in an age where video games are becoming increasingly more significant each year. Soon enough, your storage device won’t have enough space, and you’ll finally have to uninstall League of Legends or Call of Duty. When you do, be sure to clear enough room for how big Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is. How large is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth file size? It’s a big one!

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth File Size

Regarding the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth file size, you’re looking at an astounding 145.60 GB on the PlayStation 5. With a stock storage space of just 1 TB, much of which is consumed by the OS and critical files for the console itself, you’re left with very little room for all those PlayStation Plus titles each month.

Is it worth a whopping 150 GB, though? According to the recent reviews, absolutely. Almost everywhere, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth receives a 10/10 where applicable, with some calling it the best game ever made.

Can You Pre-Load Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Thankfully, with such a massive file size, Square Enix allows players to pre-load Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. However, they’re not offering too much wiggle room. You can pre-load the game on February 27th at midnight, allowing a mere 48 hours to download the entire game before launch.

If you suffer from a poor internet connection, those 48 hours may wind up toeing the line.

Furthermore, it’s said that players who purchase the physical edition will receive two discs for the game, just like back in the PlayStation 1 days. So, no matter how you buy Rebirth, it’ll take some work to manage the installation and dive into the tale of Cloud, Aerith, and Barret again!

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