How to Get Samples in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Terminid Planet
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

To prove yourself to high command and serve Super Earth to infinity and beyond, you must learn how to upgrade your spaceship. For that, you require Samples. Now, there are different types of Samples, and some prove easier to acquire than others. Here is how to get Samples in Helldivers 2!

Where to Get Samples in Helldivers 2

To get Samples in Helldivers 2, drop into a mission on any planet, on any difficulty, and search around the map for the various points of interest. You’ll note that these pop up on your HUD as a glowing yellow-gold beacon flares up into the sky. Occasionally, however, you can receive Samples by taking down a bug nest, or they’ll randomly spawn on the ground around the objective or extract point. Just keep an eye out.

But here’s the kicker about Samples in the game. There’s more than one type. You have:

  • Common Samples: Found in Trivial, Easy, and Medium, usually in and around minor points of interest and dropship.
  • Rare Samples: Found in Challenging and up, often found in and around structures and craters.
  • Super Uranium Samples: Found in Suicide to Helldive, these scarce Samples tend to spawn in craters and minor points of interest.

Why You Need Samples in Helldivers 2

As mentioned, if you want to upgrade your starship in Helldivers 2, you must acquire a lot of Samples. You need them to purchase Ship Modules via the Ship Management interface, which is the row of computers on the left-hand side of your spaceship.

The Ship Modules in the game unlock additional boons, including more ammunition for support weapons, reduced deployment times for Stratagems, and more. You’ll want to focus on unlocking the following Ship Modules:

  • Donation Access License – Increases the ammunition available for every support weapon in the game, including the Grenade Launcher and Anti-Material Rifle.
  • Targeting Software Upgrade – Reduces the overall deployment time of Orbital Stratagems, including the Railcannon Strike and Gatling Barrage.
  • Synthetic Supplementation – Reduces the cooldown for Sentry, Emplacement, and Resupply Stratagems, including the Gatling Sentry (a personal favorite!) and Machine Gun Sentry.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you and your playstyle.

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