How to Fix Last Epoch Lost Connection to Game Server Issue

Last Epoch Loot Chest
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

It’s been a long day, and the last thing you want to do before falling asleep is hop on Last Epoch to grind a few levels, but alas, there’s a server connection error. Here is how to fix the Last Epoch lost connection to the game server issue currently affecting the game.

How to Solve the Lost Connection to Game Server Error in Last Epoch

It seems to be quite the trend in 2024 for developers to underestimate their game server capacity and wind up with countless players who can’t connect. Helldivers 2 recently endured the same situation, and they came out on top. Now, Last Epoch is in the same boat. They surpassed all expectations with their ARPG release, even beating out Path of Exile on Steam.

So, if you’re having trouble connecting, here’s how to solve the lost connection to game server error plaguing Last Epoch.

  • Reset: By reset, I mean just about everything. You can reset your internet connection, router/modem, and the game itself to resolve the problem. The goal is to refresh your connection, though, so I recommend starting with a simple game restart.
  • Windows Defender: The anti-virus is notorious for blocking video games. Here’s how to solve that issue:
    • Open Windows Defender.
    • Select Firewall & Network Protection.
    • Choose “Allow an app through firewall.”
    • Find Last Epoch.
    • Grant access to the ARPG to pass through the firewall.
  • Server Maintenance: Over on social media and Discord, the developers remain relatively active with the community. They’re trying to fix any server issues and keep everyone in the loop while performing maintenance.

While none of these fixes provide a 100% guarantee of resolving the problem, they can help. It’s worth a try, at the very least, instead of sitting back and grumbling about the game not working!

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