How to Deal With the Last Epoch Queue

Last Epoch Spell
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

Following the 1.0 launch of Last Epoch, the ARPG experienced an explosion in popularity. Unfortunately, the game’s servers couldn’t keep up, and we’re now dealing with a severe Last Epoch queue. Some players can’t access the game’s online component. Here’s how to deal with the problem.

How to Handle the Lengthy Last Epoch Queue

If you’re one of the many stuck in a lengthy and seemingly neverending queue for Last Epoch, know that you’re not alone. Many of us face the same problem. But here’s how to handle the mess without ripping out any hair.

  • Play Offline: Did you know Last Epoch, unlike most other ARPGs on the scene today, features a comprehensive offline mode? You don’t require an internet connection, not even to validate, and you can grind a character from one to 100 without fear of a queue or server disconnect.
  • Plan Character Builds: If you don’t want to sit idly by and waste time in the Last Epoch queue, I recommend planning your character build. Several tools and websites are dedicated to the best Last Epoch builds for each class. Why not try the Acolyte?!
  • Wait Patiently: Like in all other games, the queue will diminish over time. Players will quit or lose connection, or the studio will resolve the server woes. If you wait patiently, you’re more likely to gain access to the game.
  • Play Another ARPG: If you’ve got the itch for an ARPG (I don’t blame you!), why not play something else until the server issues are resolved? There are several fantastic ARPGs, including Diablo 4, Diablo 2 Resurrected, Grim Dawn, and Path of Exile.

Why Is There a Queue in Last Epoch?

Following its launch, Last Epoch enjoyed immense popularity, with almost 300,000 players at its peak. For context, Path of Exile achieved just over 200,000 at its peak on Steam.

While developer Eleventh Hour Games took steps to scale their game servers and plan accordingly for a significant boost in player count at launch, they didn’t quite account for this much success. The game’s servers remain under heavy load.

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