How Many People Can Play The Outlast Trials? – Answered

The Outlast Trials Kill the Snitch Multiplayer
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Typically, a horror game of any kind is best experienced alone so that you can succumb to the terror and immersion of the game’s world—and monsters. But occasionally, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing with a party. It’s still a horrifying experience, and that’s why the latest Outlast is such a winner. So, how many people can play The Outlast Trials?

How Many Players is The Outlast Trials?

While you can play The Outlast Trials solo, the game supports up to four players in a group to tackle each of the Trials cooperatively. That is except for the final Trial, a solo endeavor to become Reborn.

For the most part, the game functions quite well with four players roaming a Trial, completing objectives, and avoiding enemies. The difficulty does scale somewhat when you’re in a group, and it’s a tad bit easier in single-player, but the help you get from another player is often invaluable.

How to Play Multiplayer in The Outlast Trials

To play multiplayer in The Outlast Trials, walk up to the console in the center of the Sleep Room, just in front of the revolving doors leading to the shuttle, and access the menu. You’ll note a selection of different Trials, the ability to alter your equipment and loadout, and the option to group up with other players.

If you don’t have a party already, then you can join a random group of players. It’s likely that you’ll wind up in a random Trial, however. I can’t remember a single time when I managed to play the Trial I wanted while playing with randoms.

Alternatively, you can invite your Steam friends to join a group, and then everyone can decide on a Trial!

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