Hi-Fi Rush Announced For PlayStation 5, Coming March 18

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Bethesda has announced that Hi-Fi Rush will be coming to the PlayStation 5 on March 18, 2024. The announcement was made as a part of a Bethesda blog, with the reveal trailer being uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

Hi-Fi Rush was first released in January 2023 in a surprise shadow-drop during Xbox’s developer direct. Hi-Fi Rush received “generally favorable” reviews on Xbox and “critical acclaim” on PC, according to Metacritic, and was received positively from the community at large. By August 2023, the game had amassed 3 million players.

You can watch the PlayStation 5 announcement trailer below:

Originally, Hi-Rush was an Xbox and Windows exclusive, but in late 2023, rumors began to circulate that the game would be coming to other platforms. In mid-February, Xbox officially announced that four games would be going to other platforms, but at the time did not disclose which.

It’s currently unclear if Hi-Fi Rush will be making its way to the Switch or not either, but sources have suggested that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2, rather than the original Switch, so it could be a few more months before an official announcement.

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