Pentiment Will Launch on Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

pentiment nintendo switch

In today’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Obsidian’s historical RPG, Pentiment, will be landing on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, February 22. It’s the first Xbox game to make its way over to the platform – following recent discourse around the topic – and it’ll be closely followed by Grounded, which will be released on Nintendo Switch on April 16.

First of Many

Pentiment is like no game you’ve ever played before. Released by Obsidian in 2022, Pentiment is a game that’s stylised as a book, with a focus on role-playing and boasting plenty of humour. It’s set in the age of the Holy Roman Empire, and it’s much more ‘reined in’ than most of Obsidian’s traditional titles.

Here’s the launch trailer for Pentiment, so you can get up to speed:

Despite being told from the perspective of a book being read, Pentiment has solid world-building elements and plenty of ambience. It’s backed up by great sound effects, authentic fonts, and enough meat on the bones of a story to keep players engaged.

It’ll be available to download on Nintendo Switch from tomorrow, February 22.

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