Helldivers 2 PC Performance Patch Arrives This Week 

helldivers 2 update

Arrowhead Studios’ CEO has confirmed that a PC performance patch for Helldivers 2 should arrive this week. Shams Jorjani, the new CEO, recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to inform players about the developers’ increased activity on social media platforms such as Discord, Reddit, and X.

Jorjani was then bombarded with questions about the Helldivers 2’s PC performance issues. He replied that they would focus on ‘performance’ in the next patch. 

If you head over to the r/Helldivers subreddit, you will see players constantly raising issues with PC performance. A massive thread posted nine days ago discusses the number of PC issues players have faced since the first patch, with hundreds of players reporting new problems or agreeing to other issues. Players have been waiting for Arrowhead to acknowledge these performance issues with Helldivers 2, and hopefully, it will all be solved through the next patch. 

Currently, Helldivers 2’s player base is rapidly declining, with only 10% of the original players still active. The game reached an all-time peak of 458,709 players on Steam four months ago, but this number has plummeted to 34,278 in the last 24 hours, according to SteamDB.

While this doesn’t signify the end of the game, it does underscore the urgency for developers to address the pressing issue of PC performance, which is what the players are eagerly awaiting. 

Speaking of Helldivers 2, have you explored the Star Wars mods available for the game? Also, it’s worth noting that a story mode for Arrowhead’s third-person shooter is not on the horizon. What specific performance issues are you hoping to see resolved in the upcoming Helldivers 2 PC performance patch? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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