Harry Potter Reboot TV Series In The Works At HBO Max

The Harry Potter novels are set to be retold in an upcoming TV series from HBO Max and Warner Bros. that will reboot the franchise more than ten years after the conclusion of the film franchise.

There are conflicting reports regarding how close a deal for the Harry Potter TV series is to being finalized. Bloomberg, who originally broke the story, claims that sources confirmed that the series was “near a deal.” However, IGN quickly poured cold water over the report with its sources confirming that the series was “nowhere near a deal” and that talks were still in place.

What’s set to be a controversial talking point surrounding the series is the involvement of J. K. Rowling who will be taking an active role in the development of the series as a producer. Rowling will be heavily involved in the creative direction of the series to ensure that it “remains loyal to her original material”.

Rowling, once beloved, is now a reviled figure in the Harry Potter fandom for her alleged transphobic comments and her unrepentant demeanor on social media. The release of Hogwarts Legacy was mired in controversy earlier this year despite Portkey’s game’s best efforts to distance the game from the author. A Harry Potter TV series that features Rowling’s direct involvement is likely to result in an uproar.

Warner Bros. and Rowling both have substantial plans for the Harry Potter franchise despite the diminishing returns of the lackluster prequel franchise Fantastic Beasts. The latest installment in the series, The Secrets of Dumbledore, only managed to draw in $405 million, the lowest grossing of the entire Potter franchise.

The success of Hogwarts Legacy however breathed new life into the franchise and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO has previously confirmed plans to capitalize on the studio’s major franchises going forward. If that is indeed the case then it looks like fans will be going on Harry Potter’s journey through the Wizarding World all over again.

Do you think the Harry Potter Series needs to be rebooted?

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