Activision DMCA Call of Duty Content From Fortnite Creative

Activision DMCA Fortnite
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode brought with it the ability for players to take the reins completely and build stunning maps via the Unreal Editor. Unfortunately, some of these creations have not gone unnoticed by other publishers. One such publisher, Activision, is starting to DMCA and is calling for the removal of any content that could be related to Call of Duty.

Activision has stated that creations of content related to Call of Duty are in direct violation of policies, meaning that the creators could receive bans themselves. Regardless of whether or not the creators intended to publish their Fortnite maps, Activision could still take action to enforce those policies. Currently, the maps inspired by Call of Duty that are up in Creative 2.0 are being taken down.

Community reactions have varied with some players finding Activision’s decision to DMCA Call of Duty content in Fortnite ridiculous while others understand that such content is in violation of their policies. Jake Lucky, a well-known streamer, Tweeted that their decision “makes complete sense” and implied that creators had been previously warned about violating content policies.

Despite some understanding, players are rightfully sad knowing that they can no longer dive into zombie maps. It seems that Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode while allowing for player freedom, is not safe from outside games’ policies. Activision’s DMCA on Call of Duty content within Fortnite is likely not a decision exclusive to one publisher, leaving players worried that their creations based off of other games could be next.

Fortnite’s extensive creative community will continue to thrive regardless of players’ ability to hop onto Modern Fortware as it houses within it a vast variety of other content. If you want to check out more positive gaming news in lieu of Activision’s DMCA decision, head to Insider Gaming.