GTA 6 Reveal Trailer Has More Likes Than GTA 5


It’s only been live for an hour but the official GTA 6 reveal trailer has more likes than the GTA 5 reveal trailer.

As of writing, the GTA 6 reveal trailer has 2.9 million likes and just 12,000 dislikes. In comparison, the GTA 5 trailer sits with 2 million likes and 39,000 dislikes.

Arguably the most anticipated game in history, GTA 6 launches in 2025. More information on the game will come from Rockstar over the coming months.

What’s known now is the game features the return of Vice City as the primary location. In addition, it will feature the franchise’s first female protagonist named Lucia. At the start of the trailer, you see that Lucia has spent time in prison while later on, it shows her and her male counterpart seemingly continuing a life of crime.

What are your thoughts on the GTA 6 trailer? Do any parts stand out to you? For more Insider Gaming, see what game is set to get a full reveal next summer.