No, GTA 6 Won’t Be 750 GB In Size and Cost $150

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In recent weeks, certain ‘leaks’ and rumours concerning GTA 6 have surfaced and been propagated online by individuals who – quite honestly – don’t know better. From gargantuan file sizes to eye-watering prices, and from a map that encapsulates the entire GTA franchise to 8K gameplay leaks, we’ve seen it all in the last few weeks.

If there’s one thing that you should be doing, it’s remaining calm and evaluating the news that hits the airwaves. It really does work a lot better when you put your faith in trusted sources and you don’t believe every modded GTA V video that’s masquerading as the latest GTA 6 leak.

Face Value Is Becoming Worthless

Recently, the hottest ‘leak’ to hit the social media circles stated that GTA 6 will be 750 GB in size and it’ll have a story that lasts ‘at least’ 400 hours, which is laughable at best. It’s probably one of the most bizarre rumours we’ve ever heard about a game, and what’s worse, there are actually people taking that on board as gospel and spreading the news forth, far and wide.

Before that, a rumour that the game would cost $150 minimum spread like wildfire. What’s hilarious here is that the original claim that backed that statement was made without any solid source or further context, but it was enough to set the internet ablaze.

In the last few months, we’ve seen some ‘leakers’ claim that GTA 6 will feature one of the largest maps in gaming history, bringing together San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City, and everything else imaginable onto one giant canvas. There are thousands of videos and pictures online claiming to be taken from the in-development title, but they’re almost always debunked by the most level-headed among us.

This isn’t anything new – these kinds of ‘leaks’ and rumours have been landing online and being circulated around for decades, but it’s getting much worse now because a) people are getting desperate for some solid GTA 6 news, and b) fake content is becoming a bit harder to judge, especially when said content is spread by the plague of ‘GTA 6 Leaks’ channels on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

It’s a cash grab, folks – they just want clicks.

Stick to reputable sources, don’t take everything at face value, and just calm down – if our reports regarding GTA 6’s release window are anything to go by, it won’t be long until official news is here.

And ignore our piece about GTA 6 having a crime-free mode

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  1. 400 hours?!? That’s hilarious! To get 400 hours of playtime with GTA V, you’d have to add up all the single player DLC and probably at least a few months worth of GTA Online content.

    The file size is laughable, if for no other reason than Microsoft would throw a fit. The original Series S consoles only launched with 512 GB of storage. The 1 TB Series S just went on sale on 1 September. Even if the Series S accounts for only 1/3 of the 21 million X/S consoles Microsoft claimed had been sold as of June 2023, GTA VI releasing with a bigger file size than 512 GB would result in millions of angry gamers.

    Even accounting for inflation, I don’t think any single video game has ever cost $150 at launch.

    1. RDR2 takes around 200 hours to finish, while 450 is ridiculous indeed, i do think it’s realistic to expect it to be 250 hours at least.

    2. Steel Batallion cost $200 dollars for the original Xbox. (Granted it came with it’s own 40 button controller…)

  2. I heard it come with a free roflcopter with miniguns and an ejection seat! You also get a free getaway car with each purchase. You can use it to help people pick out curtains.

  3. I figured the game wasn’t going to be around $150 because that is just ridiculous and it would be way too much for a video game also the size of the file of 750 GB that’s absurd there’s no way that this game is going to be that big I don’t listen to all those people and all these rumors about the game until I know it’s exactly Rockstar that is saying things about the game so all this hype is just BS so I don’t believe it one bit and when the official game launches then I will know exactly what the game has in store for us I’m excited for the game but the longer it takes I can be patient I’m not like those other people that have to have the game right away and have to get news about the game and interrupt interviews by going up on the stage like an idiot so you won’t see me doing any of that

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