Former Rockstar Dev Wants GTA 6 To Be ‘Smaller’

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In the last ten years, avid Grand Theft Auto fans have likely spent many hours driving around the vast, open map of Los Santos in GTA V. It’s not the biggest map in gaming history, but it’s a fair size, and quite often, a lengthy drive (or flight, or sail, or ride…) can stand between the player and their objective. Some areas are quite open and not worth exploring, despite Rockstar’s best efforts to populate the entire world.

Well, one former Rockstar developer by the name of Tony Gowland (whose own studio just released Dungeon Golf), believes that GTA 6 should be ‘smaller and denser’, boasting ‘memorable navigation’ and less wide, open spaces.

Less Equals More?

Tony Gowland, who worked on Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, Chinatown Wars, and Red Dead Redemption, spoke exclusively to PCGamesN in an interview that covered his time at Rockstar and the future of Grand Theft Auto.

He said:

In terms of what I’m hoping for, I personally would like it to bring in a little bit in terms of size of the world. I think a smaller but more densely packed location would maybe bring back some of that memorable navigation that I loved from the original.

Gowland also addressed the catastrophic leaks that struck the GTA 6 project late last year, which saw around 100 GB of content pulled out from within Rockstar Games and spread around the internet.

The only footage I’ve seen is a couple of bits of the leaked stuff, and I stopped watching pretty quickly. I found that really heartbreaking for the team, to have all their hard work first shown to the world in such a janky and unfinished state, and I’d much rather wait for an official trailer to get really hyped.

I’ve been a massive Grand Theft Auto fan since playing the first titles on the original PlayStation and would love to see something more dense – an urban sprawl reminiscent of New York City (like GTA IV) or London would be superb.

What do you think?

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