Dungeon Golf: Comedic Choas on the Course

dungeon golf review

Dungeon Golf – it’s penned as ‘putting the crazy in crazy golf’, and it wasn’t what I saw myself enjoying when I picked up the (now in) early access product on Steam – but enjoy it I did! This zany spin on an otherwise boring sport entertained me from the get-go with charming visuals, comedic characters, and challenging courses that actively encouraged me to replay them over and over again.

This all-new party mini-golf game is available for both solo players and those looking to team up – or wreak havoc amongst their fellow players – and despite being a relatively basic concept, it boasts a remarkable amount of gaming value, all wrapped up in a neat, humourous package.

Dungeons + Golf = Hours of Fun

I jumped into Dungeon Golf with an open mind and quickly found myself celebrating every successful course, especially when I’d powered through and defeated all the monsters before me – and smashed open chests, bypassed obstacles, and used my special abilities to aid my shots.

That’s the core gameplay cycle of Dungeon Golf – you play mini-golf in a series of courses (which are more like innovative arenas), face-off against monsters that interfere with your enjoyment, and use special abilities unique to the game’s eight characters to change the course of… Well, the course.

There’s a single-player quest mode, a series of cups, online multiplayer options, and a free-play mode – and there’s a diverse array of courses to choose from and battle through. Each character is wacky and totally individual, ranging from a heavily bearded wizard to an anthropomorphic frog, and from a skeleton that uses his own leg as a club to a muscled barbarian.

Dungeon Golf has been developed by Ant Workshop, a BAFTA-nominated studio headed up by Tony Gowland, who has in the past worked for the likes of Activision and Rockstar. With oodles of challenges to be completed and a host of charming and giggle-inducing characters to play as, there’s plenty of value in Dungeon Golf, which only gets better when paired up with a friend or two.

It’s available now in early access on Steam – and it’s currently 20% off!

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