Gray Zone Warfare Will Have Insanely Realistic Ballistics

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Gray Zone Warfare is one of the most highly-anticipated shooters coming to Steam. It’s sitting high on the charts when it comes to wishlists, and since it was revealed by MADFINGER Games last year, it has generated an intense amount of hype in the wider gaming community. In particular, fans of games like Escape from Tarkov, Battlefield, Rust, and ARMA are all excited to see what this realistic and immersive PvEvP shooter will offer.

Moments ago, MADFINGER Games released its third Devlog: ‘GZW Combat Experience’. In this sizeable breakdown, players get a chance to learn exactly how insanely realistic the ballistics are going to be in Gray Zone Warfare, which is lined up to enter Early Access soon.

How Real Can It Get?

Gray Zone Warfare is nothing if not immersive – and immersion often goes hand-in-hand with realism. In GZW, players are tasked with leading excursions across a large open map, based on a real-world jungle location. There are hundreds of AI opponents to do battle with and other players to either fight or team up with, and it all takes place in a persistent world that’s equal parts dangerous and beautiful.

In the latest Devlog, MADFINGER revealed the depth and breadth of the bullet and ballistics mechanics in Gray Zone Warfare.

Firstly, it was highlighted that the game will feature unique penetration capabilities based on the type of ammunition used and the material that the player is attempting to fire through. This means that every shot fired will interact differently with a given surface based on several factors.

MADFINGER has also created ‘temporary cavities’ in surfaces and objects that will mirror the effect a bullet has on ballistic gel, for example. If you’ve ever seen ballistic gel get hit by a bullet, you’ll recognise some of the damage that the round does to the inside of the block of gel – that’s effectively how these cavities work in Gray Zone Warfare.

Even typical mechanics such as recoil and ricochet have been intricately designed in Gray Zone Warfare to offer unparalleled realism. Bullets will ricochet off solid surfaces in different ways depending on what it is that the bullet has struck – they’ll also interact differently with permeable surfaces like water and mud.

Recoil will be impacted by everything on a weapon, including how much ammunition is left in the magazine. MADFINGER has conducted painstaking research to make sure that the weapons featured in Gray Zone Warfare handle exactly as they would in real life.

Finally, MADFINGER highlighted the unique ‘anatomy’ mechanics in GZW. There isn’t a health structure based on a number system but instead, there’s a full-body, biological breakdown at play that starts at the armour a PMC is wearing and ends with organs being damaged beyond the point of repair, impacting everything from a player’s movement to their vision and levels of blood loss. In the dense jungle of Gray Zone Warfare, even a minor injury can escalate to something life-threatening.

If you’re on the lookout for an immersive, realistic shooter to play, wishlist Gray Zone Warfare on Steam. Having spoken directly with the team at MADFINGER, I can honestly say I am deeply excited for this project to unfold.

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