Gray Zone Warfare Early Access Details Revealed

gray zone warfare

Gray Zone Warfare is an upcoming tactical FPS from MADFINGER Games, and it’s currently one of the most wished-for games on Steam. It’s set to deliver a realistic and intense shooter experience that’s written as being ‘more player-vs-environment than player-vs-player’, with hundreds of AI enemies being spread out across a 42km² jungle map that’s based on a real location.

With never-before-seen healing and combat mechanics, 48-player servers, and a persistent open world that accommodates base customisation and heart-pounding exploration and looting, Gray Zone Warfare understandably has shooter fans foaming at the mouth.

Moments ago, MADFINGER revealed what’s coming in the Early Access version of the game.

Adapt and Survive

Gray Zone Warfare, which was revealed late last year, has generated a lot of hype based on how good it looks at first blush. I recently sat down with MADFINGER’s Rick Lagnese to learn about the depth of this title and to find out about some of the game-changing features that the studio is implementing to make an impact from the get-go.

Plenty is coming in the Early Access version of the game, including six vendors that offer a whopping 150 quests, intricately customisable weapons with more than 400 swappable parts, and more than 80 pieces of equipment to make use of in the dense jungles of Lamang.

Lagnese explained that Gray Zone Warfare walks the line between being many different ‘types’ of game, incorporating the best elements from some of the top genres. It’s an extraction shooter without being an extraction shooter, a milsim without being a milsim, and an MMO without being an MMO. There is squad-based gameplay and player-vs-player elements, but all the same, you can team up with another faction and take on the threats of Lamang together… Or betray them and fly home from an LZ with their loot.

That’s another brilliant aspect of Gray Zone Warfare – players will be able to suit up in a FOB that’s located on the very map they’re exploring. They can navigate the open world at will, unhindered by a time limit and accompanied by their squad. If they die while out in the world, they’ll be reset to the FOB – which is one of the ‘extraction shooter’ elements of the game.

MADFINGER has put intense effort into making the enemy AI as realistic as possible, implementing emotion-based mechanics that determine how an AI opponent behaves when faced with certain situations, such as overwhelming incoming fire.

With VOIP, ‘enhanced player interaction’, deeply authentic weapon handling, and a combination of Unreal Engine 5 elements and MADFINGER’s proprietary engine for features like dense foliage, Gray Zone Warfare is shaping up to be a paradigm-shifting title.

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