God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn Require PSN Account On PC

God of War Ragnarok PC PSN Account

During its PlayStation State of Play on May 30, Sony confirmed that God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn will launch on PC later this year. While that’s good news for those waiting to check out the games for the first time, Sony has confirmed that both games require a PSN account to play.

With the requirement of a PSN account, Sony cuts out several regions that have access to Steam for their PC gaming but can’t create a PSN account.

The topic of needing a PSN account to play games on Steam has been a hot debate for some time but picked up steam (no pun intended) when Sony tried to enforce the requirement on Helldivers 2 players months after the game’s release. That decision, which was ultimately reversed, would’ve taken the game away from dozens of regions and, likely, thousands of players.

While it’s not unheard of for companies like Sony and Xbox to require accounts from their ecosystem to play their games on PC, it draws confusion from players. That’s especially true when games are single-player-only titles such as Until Dawn and God of War Ragnarok.

For comparison, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, which launched on PC on May 16, doesn’t require a PSN account to play the single-player mode. It’s only needed if you want to play the game’s Legends multiplayer mode.

What do you think of needing a PSN account to play God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn on PC? What about the idea of needing console accounts, in general, to play certain games on PC?

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