FromSoftware Begins Large-Scale Recruitment for “Multiple New Projects”

Xbox Games Elden Ring Horse Leaping

FromSoftware has started large-scale recruitment for “multiple new projects” that are in development.

First spotted by IGN Japan, the developer is starting its recruitment by hosting online information sessions that will begin in December 2023. According to the careers website, the current roles being hired are as follows:

  • game planner
  • system planner
  • game programmer
  • R&D
  • graphics system
  • server engineer
  • character designer
  • background designer
  • character 3D graphic artist
  • background 3D graphic artist
  • effects artist
  • UI artist
  • motion designer
  • cinematic artist
  • technical artist
  • sound designer/composer
  • Production progress
  • PR/promotion person (advertisement)
  • Graphic designer (advertising/WEB)
  • sales
  • Equipment management and application management assistant
  • QA department manager candidate, title manager, and support
  • In-house IT system construction and operation (infrastructure charge)
  • Sound assistant (part-time job)

FromSoftware is best known for the Dark Souls series, which resulted in the creation of a subgenre of action role-playing games known as Soulslike. The developer released Elden Ring in 2022, which received critical acclaim and won Game of The Year at The Game Awards (2022). Its other titles, including Bloodborne (2015) and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice also received critical acclaim.

It’s unclear what FromSoftware is currently working on, but Elden Ring is set to release the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC later this year.

What game do you hope FromSoftware is developing?

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