Don’t Scream Is Taking The Horror World By Storm

don't scream

In case you’ve not been in gaming-focused social circles for a week or two, allow me to introduce you to one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played – it’s called Don’t Scream, and it’s currently exploding in popularity. It’s a simple concept delivered horrifyingly well by two developers who have one goal in mind: to force gamers to scream out loud and break down in fear.

Don’t Scream has a fundamental premise – walk around one of the most eerie forests I’ve ever seen that’s bursting at the seams with jumpscares, paranormal oddities, and chilling scenes, and while doing so, don’t scream. That’s it – that’s the core gameplay loop.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Don’t Scream is Available Now

Days ago, Don’t Scream’s creators were taking to social media to reveal that tens of thousands of people had wishlisted their game on Steam. It skyrocketed on streaming platforms, with content creators far and wide pouring into the game to give it a run and see if they were made of stronger stuff than their peers.

Many tried, many failed.

There’s a preface video for Don’t Scream that was made by the developers, and it stresses that while you can cheat on Don’t Scream, the game is only worthwhile when you sit in a darker room, have your headset or speakers turned up, and your mic switched on. It’s all about trust — and the game is infinitely more rewarding when you play it genuinely.

With procedural scares, some of the creepiest set pieces I’ve ever seen, and phenomenal audio that sets you instantly on edge, Dont’ Scream pushes the boundaries of what it means to be scared by a game. I will say in complete honesty that it’s the most disconcerting title I’ve ever played. There’s a core goal to survive for 18 minutes in this dark, foreboding forest, and if you stop moving, the timer stops counting down.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the entire game unfolds in a 1990s ‘found footage’ style, which is inherently harrowing.

Do you think you’re tough enough? Check out Don’t Scream here on Steam.

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