Fortnite x Doctor Who Promo Script Leaks

A script for a live-action trailer promoting Fortnite’s crossover with Doctor Who has leaked online and potentially teases the game’s own incarnation of the iconic Timelord.

The script was posted on Twitter by Fortnite content creator @iFireMonkey and seemingly confirms that the crossover is being introduced to the game to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th birthday. iFireMonkey points out that the script is titled “Fortnite External Filming – 60th Anniversary Event” along with a comment included in the script which describes the promo as a “highly expensive and ambitious production.”

The script details the Doctor’s hands “glowing a golden yellow” which typically signals regeneration and the Tardis hurtling through a dimensional barrier. Curiously, the script refers to the Timelord as The Edge Doctor who later in the script crosses paths with David Tennant’s Fifteenth Doctor.

This suggests that either the promo will catch us all off guard with an entirely new incarnation and actor portraying the character, which is exclusive to Fortnite, or David Tennant is simply pulling double duty. Our money is on the latter.

If you’re a Whovian and grew up during what many consider the golden age of ‘New Who’ then you’ll know Tennant’s Doctor’s mannerisms anywhere. The character’s surprise and disbelief at an unexpected event was consistently expressed with an exasperated “what?!” as a running joke at the end of each season. iFireMonkey notes that this is likely the last piece of information that can be found out in the wild ahead of the official reveal.

A Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover has seemingly been in the works for a while with a number of respected Fortnite leakers like @FNBRintel first drawing attention to the collaboration last year. The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials are set to hit screens later this year and will see David Tennant’s Fifteenth Doctor reunite with Catherine Tate’s fan-favorite companion Donna Noble after more than a decade.

Are you excited about a Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover?

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