Fortnite Is Getting Weapon Customisation

fortnite weapon customisation

Epic Games has revealed that weapon customisation – in the form of adding specific attachments to your guns – is coming to Fortnite next season. In a simple animation that was aired on Twitter, Epic showed a rifle being customised with an ACOG sight, a suppressor, a foregrip, and a drum mag – as though it was something pulled straight out of Call of Duty.

How Long Have We Waited?

This is, admittedly, a feature that players have been waiting for for years. It’ll allow them to put their spin on their favourite weapons, customising them to work with their play style. It hasn’t yet been revealed how in-depth this feature will be, but it’ll assumedly mean that any base weapon in the game can be edited.

On social media, this news landed following confirmation that Fortnite’s Big Bang event was regarded as the most popular gaming event in history, with 12 million concurrent players tuning in and promptly bringing the servers to a grinding halt.

Fortnite’s more competitive players will be eager to learn more about the weapon customisation coming to the game, but not much information is available right now. For instance, we can question if there are unlock paths for attachments, if other players can pick up our custom builds, and if the modifications will be persistent between seasons.

All that and more will be answered soon.

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