Fallout TV Show Story Trailer Released by Prime

fallout tv show

An all-new Fallout TV show trailer has just been released, showcasing the story that we’ll be exploring when the series drops exclusively on Prime Video on April 12, 2024. In it, we’re introduced to Lucy, our Vault Dweller turned hapless survivor protagonist, and we learn a little about her journey to the surface – and into the wasteland beyond.

Check out the trailer below.

Oh, This Looks Good

As a solid, die-hard Fallout fan, I’ll say that my expectations for the TV show are astronomical, but so far, the trailers and leaks are revealing a series that’s shaping up to be something special. In this all-new story trailer, we get a look at some of the authentic representations of the franchise, which has run for more than twenty years.

For instance, there are shots of some of the mutated creatures appearing in the series, such as Radroaches, Yao Guai, and Ghouls. There are plenty of nods to the Brotherhood of Steel, and Vault-Tec of course sits front and center of the showcase. From the weapons to the themes, every box seems to be getting ticked for a Fallout fan.

Here’s the trailer:

A great cast and production team is driving this project forward, and it has been created hand in hand with Bethesda’s team, most notably Todd Howard. It has already been confirmed that it’s canon. Furthermore, for the more lore-interested fans, we know now that we’ll be getting prequel material, seeing what happened in the run-up to the bombs falling on that fateful day in 2077.

April 12, 2024 – put it in your calendar.

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