Fortnite Leak Reveals Winterfest Shop Sections

Fortnite John Jones

A variety of Fortnite Winterfest shop sections were teased in a new leak from reliable contributor @HYPEX. The leak includes an extensive list of around two dozen highly anticipated releases.

Some highlights include John Wick, The Witcher, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration that was leaked last week.

Epic Games has not officially confirmed the start date for Winterfest 2023 in Fortnite.

However, it’s rumored to launch on December 14th this year. So, an announcement will likely arrive soon. After all, previous Winterfests have also released in mid-December.

Today’s post from @HYPEX includes a couple of fairly vague shop sections, beginning with “2023 Favorites” and “OG Fortnite Favorites”. Fans quickly began to speculate on the latter.

Fortnite has seen many sudden changes, introducing Rocket Racing and a dedicated LEGO mode. It’s effectively balancing nostalgia with sturdy plans for the future.

The devs also shook up the gameplay with divisive movement changes. This received a lot of tough feedback, and Epic Games even issued an official response.

However, there’s still been a big focus on celebrating OG Fortnite, so many nostalgic shop sections could return.

Notably, @HYPEX’s post clarifies their leak only showcases “some” of the sections that fans could see. So, fan requests for a variety of returning sections could still ultimately show up.

Fans promptly asked for Marvel characters, Naruto, and other overlooked IP that they haven’t seen for a while.

But there’s a lot of flexibility in today’s leak, and the holidays are a perfect time for Epic Games to surprise fans.

Winterfest 2023 is already shaping up to include a decent amount of content. And it would make sense if Fortnite aimed for the biggest Winterfest yet, in a year of so many changes.

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