First Hour of Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Leaks Online [Spoilers]

Spider-Man 2 Gameplay leaks

Spider-Man 2 footage is leaking out in the wild, and someone has uploaded the first hour of gameplay from the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive for anyone to watch.

Uploaded by an anonymous player after catching it on a stream, the gameplay shows off the first few missions within the game. In addition, the player shows the game’s menus, map, suits, and more.

There are a few new things shown that haven’t been publicly announced, including an enemy in the game. We won’t spoil that here. Instead, we’ll let you see for yourself if you decide you want to watch the video.

If you really can’t wait for October 20, you can watch the gameplay at this link. Again, though, know that there are heavy spoilers in the video. There are also plenty of more spoilers online for those who want to search for them.

As far as the rest of the game goes, many have had it in their possession for a few weeks now. The media embargo for reviews, videos, guides, and more is set to lift on Monday, October 16. At that point, fans will be able to get almost any information they want about the game from those who have it.

Does watching the new gameplay leak for Spider-Man 2 change your thoughts about the game at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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