Spider-Man 2 Suit List Leaks Online

spider-man 2 suit list

Moments ago, a leak hit the airwaves revealing a massive list (but it’s assumed to not be the complete list) of Spider-Man 2 suits for both Miles Morales and Peter Parker. It’s a sizeable list that is comprised of 58 suits from all eras of the Spider-Man universe, including Raimi’s suits, TASM, and more comic book suits than you can shake a stick at.

What Suit Are You Most Excited About?

In the leak, which was published to Reddit by user ‘ComicBookGuy708’, we see an image detailing almost every suit coming in Spider-Man 2 later this month – next week, in fact.

From the Noir suit to a Mysterio suit for Miles, and from a Wolverine-styled suit to The Amazing Spider-Man suits, there are plenty of options to pick from. However, there are major spoilers hidden in the suits that were leaked, so if you’re a comic book fan with a little knowledge of Spider-Man’s universe, tread carefully. It’s likely you’ll understand what’s referenced immediately.

It’s expected that more suits are yet to surface and that, post-launch, Insomniac will continue to add more suits – but what’s left to be added, we ask? We noticed that 2099 isn’t on display in any way…

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