Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Coming 2024

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Coming 2024

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming to PlayStation 5 in early 2024 and will be split across two discs.

The newest trailer for the game closed out today’s Summer Game Fest show and promises that the game will continue the “unknown journey”. Final Fantasy VII Remake largely adapted the events of the original game’s opening section in Midgar, but the plot took a drastic turn in the closing act. It looks like the sequel is set to continue adapting key moments from the original game while adding its own spin on things.

The trailer features iconic scenes from the original game such as Sephroth’s massacre in Nibelheim and the battle with Jenova Birth on the Shinra Cargo ship. We also get our first look at Elena, a Turk, who acts as a rival to Cloud’s part alongside Reno and Rude. The excellent combat system featured in Final Fantasy VII Remake looks to have gotten a significant upgrade, but most importantly of all, the game appears to be much more open and expansive than its predecessor.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was originally given a release date of Winter 2023. Let’s be honest though, did anyone really think that release date was plausible? While it would be nice, it’s unlikely that Square Enix would drop the game so close to the release of Final Fantasy XVI which is set to launch later this month. Square has recently been posting characteristically eccentric Q&A posts surrounding Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and claimed that the team is currently working to nail down a release date.

Earlier in the show, a new trailer was revealed for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis which showed off more of the extra narrative which features Sephiroth’s backstory. Ever Crisis is now available for pre-registration.

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