Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Where to Go in Nibelheim

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Nibelheim
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Shortly after the game’s opening, in which we see the prior events of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade conclude, we take control of a young Cloud working alongside Sephiroth in Nihelheim. Before this, you partake in some combat as Zack, but this is the first chance to explore a semi-open world as Cloud in Rebirth. The thing is, Nibelheim is large and somewhat confusing, and your goal is to explore before moving on with the mission. Here is where to go in Nibelheim in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

Where to Explore in Nibelheim in FF7R

When the game finally lets you loose in Nibelheim, your only task is to explore the village and wait for Sephiroth before conducting the operation the same night. You’re left to discover the village for yourself, and many long-time fans will likely find themselves drawn to the water tower in the center of the village square. That was my first stop.

But you must hit a few key locations first to push onward with the story. Namely, Tifa’s House beside the water tower, Cloud’s childhood home beside Tifa’s, and the local inn.

When you climb the water tower, you’ll enjoy a short cutscene in which Cloud sits on the edge and looks toward a second-story window just across the way. This is Tifa’s House, and you can jump down and explore its interior. There, you’ll find a wooden chest on the second floor, inside the first bedroom, with an item inside. There’s also a piano and wardrobe in Tifa’s Room.

Once you’re done, I recommend stopping next door to Cloud’s childhood home, where his mother, Claudia, lives. There’s nothing to find inside, unfortunately.

The cutscene involving Claudia is short and frantic, a clearly traumatic memory for Cloud. And then you’ll move along to the inn.

How to Progress the Story in Nibelheim

Once you’re done interacting with the two homes in the center of town, you can explore the rest of Nibelheim for a few random interactions. You’ll find a woman near the water tower who will hand you some local food, a wrapped sandwich that tastes like home, and just down the steps, where the children chase chickens, you can find another chest.

But to progress the story in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you must visit the inn. Once past the crowd and indoors, head up the stairs in the back corner and speak to Sephiroth to progress the story!

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