Does Final Fantasy 7 Remake Saves Transfer to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? – Answered

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Minigame
Image via Square Enix

After spending tens of hours, perhaps even triple digits, playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I can’t blame you if you want your save files to transfer to Rebirth. That’s a lot of progress, character growth, and memories. So, does Final Fantasy 7 Remake saves transfer to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on launch?

Can You Transfer Saves From Remake to Rebirth?

Unfortunately, Square Enix confirmed that players cannot share progression between Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You cannot transfer a save file.

Any character builds, gear, and material you unlocked in Remake will be lost when starting a new game in Rebirth. Of course, you can always return to Remake and play your old save file anytime, but nothing carries over to Rebirth.

The goal is to ensure Rebirth remains standalone while set in the same story and world. According to director Naoki Hamaguchi:

While there is sort of this story that they are following throughout these different titles, [Rebirth] is sort of supposed to be a standalone on its own. There’s no particular sort of growth parameters or abilities that you will be carrying over from the previous title.

Are There Bonuses for Remake Players in Rebirth?

It’s not all bad, however. Hamaguchi alluded to an unknown summon materia unlocked at the beginning of Rebirth for anyone with Final Fantasy 7 Remake data. However, how powerful this materia is and what it does remains to be seen. It’ll be a day-one surprise for most!

A big part of any RPG is character progression, the feeling of becoming stronger as you acquire new abilities and gear. Hopefully, and I may be in the minority for this one, whatever bonus we receive isn’t too powerful. A nice headstart without breaking the game’s balancing, you know?

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