Fallout 76 Dev Diary Expands Massively on Atlantic City

fallout 76 atlantic city

Bethesda Game Studios has uploaded an all-new Developer Diary that expands on the upcoming Atlantic City expansion that’ll be released globally on December 5th. It’s set to be one of the biggest updates to the game thus far, giving players an entirely new region to explore, all-new factions, useable casinos, and much more.

Atlantic City Looks Like a Game in Itself

Fallout 76’s Atlantic City expansion does look like a fantastic offering – arguably the best of its kind since Fallout 76 was released in 2018. In the 14-minute Dev Diary, Bethesda Game Studios leapt head-over-heels into the expansion and revealed countless details about it – and it’s sizeable.

There will be three ‘Expeditions’ surfacing in Atlantic City, which itself is going to be split up into two separate updates over individual seasons. There’s an entire end-to-end host of new characters and factions – including ‘Families’ that run Atlantic City, much like the various organisations that ran The Strip in New Vegas.

It’s a fully open and ‘free-to-explore’ environment, which immediately sets it apart from the likes of The Pitt. Let’s not get it confused – it is an Expedition experience, but it’s so much broader and more unique than what we’ve come to expect from that term. Players will still be travelling from Appalachia to Atlantic City, but when they arrive, there’ll be more to do – and more to bring back to the game’s base map.

Are you excited about Atlantic City?

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