Batman: Arkham Trilogy Delayed on Nintendo Switch

batman arkham trilogy

For those who were eager to fight crime as the Caped Crusader while on the go with a Nintendo Switch, there’s now unfortunately a delay in store. It was just revealed on Twitter that the Batman: Arkham Trilogy for Nintendo Switch will be pushed back from October 13th to December 1st, marking a disappointment for the fans who were excited to pick up some of the greatest Batman games ever released.

Batman: Arkham Trilogy Pushed Back by 6 Weeks

In the statement published to Twitter to apologise for the delay, Warner Bros. Games explained:

More time is needed to bring players the best possible experience on Nintendo Switch. We apologize to fans who are excited to play this version of the trilogy. Thank you for your patience.

Admittedly, what we’ve seen of the Arkham Trilogy on Switch looks pretty good – and it’s a sizeable undertaking. When it releases – which will now happen in December – it’ll bring Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight to Nintendo Switch, all in one neat and tidy package. It’s a fantastic offering – Arkham Asylum alone is considered one of the greatest games of its day.

Here’s the trailer for the Arkham Trilogy, which was only revealed back in June:

Has this news left you dark and brooding, or are you happy to accept the wait?

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  1. Instead of Suicide Squad why didn’t they make a Batman Beyond game?! When Kevin Conroy was still alive. They could and should have at least made a new open world Batman game now we’re stuck with a game no one wanted or asked for.

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