EXCLUSIVE – Skate’s New ‘Community Events’ Introduces a New Gamemode

EA Skate Map

As the development of EA’s Skate continues, the developers have added a new gamemode to the game as a part of their new ‘Community Events’, which has been described to Insider Gaming as essentially a game of tag.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that EA has taken a very transparent approach to Skate (which has been nothing but refreshing), and additions are subject to change. However, Insider Gaming sources have felt this new mode feels a little out of place for a skateboarding game. Despite the early impressions we’ve heard though, let’s not forget that Skate will; be a free-to-play title and the new Community Events are a means of keeping the game refreshing in order to bring players back and earn the game’s in-game currency for those all-important skateboarding cosmetics.

Community Events will be a new way for players to come together with new gamemodes on a continuous basis. To participate in Community Events, players need to find the community boards located around the map. For complexity’s sake, it’s worth considering these community boards like an in-game lobby, where players will need to wait a little for the lobby to fill in order for the event to start.

EA officially described the Community Event to playtesters as an event “available to play for 2-hour periods every 2 hours”.

The newest Community Event was a 7v7 gamemode of what can simply be described as tag, where players need to pick up the randomly spawned rainbow beacons around the map and hold onto them for as long as possible. The longer the players hold onto the beacons, the more points their teams get. After the community event has ended, those who participated will receive one, or both, of the in-game currencies in Skate.

And that’s that. Let us know what you think of the new Community Events in Skate and what you think of the new gamemode.

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