EXCLUSIVE: More Boxers Coming To Undisputed Roster

Undisputed Boxers

The roster of playable boxers will be expanding in Undisputed.

In an exclusive interview with Insider Gaming, Steel City Interactive CEO and Co-Founder Ash Habib talked about the game’s roster of boxers and if players might see more down the line.

“As a boxing fan, I want everybody to be in this game,” Habib said. “Our door isn’t closed as far as bring in people, additional fighters as the game goes.

“We do have some fighters that will be coming into Undisputed that are unannounced. So, it’s not a list of ‘this is it, no more’.”

When it comes to signing these boxers to the game, Habib said that he does whatever he can to make sure the deals are fair to both the fighter and the studio.

“As far as licensing costs and things go, I’ve tried everything in my power to bring in everybody that I can,” he said. “But, you know, if somebody’s asking for eight figures, that’s kind of difficult for a studio my size.”

Undisputed is available now in early access via Steam. When it launches on console, it will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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