EXCLUSIVE: Undisputed Boxing Development Now “Focused On Console”

Undisputed Boxing Console

Undisputed boxing is coming to console and that’s the current primary focus of the game’ development.

In an exclusive interview with Insider Gaming , Steel City Interactive CEO and Co-Founder Ash Habib talked about the current state of the game’s development, and why no more large features will be added to early access.

“We’re fully focused on our console development,” Habib said. “We’re going through that process right now in terms of getting us to that version one launch on consoles.

“Launching the game on Steam or PC platforms is a completely different ballgame when it comes to consoles, so we’re just navigating that path at the moment.”

Habib did want to confirm that while the update that added Career Mode and Character Creator to the game was the last update with major features, it won’t be the final update for players in early access.

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“We are going to make some gameplay balances,” he said. “I would love to still develop and add more features to early access, but then it’ll be a trade off between taking resources off console and putting them into things that we want to see. That’s always been the tradeoff.”

As far as a timeline for launch on console, Habib didn’t want to put a specific date on it when asked.

“We’ve got a few milestones as far as our console process goes,” Habib said. “What I don’t want to do is put a date on here and then something happens or there’s an issue that we’ve really got to look at and it sets us back.

“What I would is the fact that we’ve said there’s no major updates coming in; the fact that we’ve said we’re now focusing on polish, bugs, and gameplay balancing. That in itself should give a reasonable idea that we’re not a million miles away.”

Undisputed is available now in early access via Steam. When it launches on console, it will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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