Everything We Know So Far About Control 2

Remedy Control

Whether it’s the eeriness of Control or the mixed-reality approach of Alan Wake 2, Remedy always goes against the norms and creates something special in its games. Not every studio has a signature style quite like Remedy Entertainment and their 2019 action-adventure Control was such a statement in that regard. 

Its eerie atmosphere, unsettling world design with bodies hovering in the air, and a plot that would gradually crawl its way up your spine were a combo unlike anything before, so when Control 2 was officially confirmed in 2021, fans couldn’t have been more excited.

Here’s everything we know so far about Control 2.

When Will Control 2 Release?

While Remedy Entertainment has announced Control 2, the sequel unfortunately does not have a release date.

With Alan Wake 2 behind us, Remedy is currently working on four projects. These include a Max Payne 1 and 2 remake, a new live-service game, a multiplayer spin-off of Control, and finally, Control 2. Remedy released a narrative-driven title (Alan Wake 2) not so long ago, so given that, their multiplayer projects should be coming up next followed by the Max Payne remake compilation.

control Jesse flying

Control 2 seems to be a long way out right now. However, with so many games in the Remedy pipeline, they will all be released very rampantly as well. Maybe not in the next year or two, but you can expect Control 2 to arrive in 2027 at the very least.

What Platforms Will Control 2 Release On?

Seeing as that Control 2 is many years away, fans will be worried about whether it will be released on the current generation of consoles. Remedy hasn’t commented on this yet, however, support for the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles shouldn’t end before the year 2030 considering how powerful they are.

Therefore, it’s almost a done deal that Control 2 will be released on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A PS6 and next-generation Xbox console version should follow soon too after the game launches. 

control hovering bodies

Control was also available on the Nintendo Switch via Cloud gaming. Rumours about a Nintendo Switch 2 are spreading like wildfire right now. If the handheld does indeed turn out to be lightning in a bottle, you can bet Control 2 will be on the Nintendo Switch 2.

Will Alan Wake Be In Control 2?

After the jaw-dropping ending of Alan Wake 2, fans are wondering what future awaits the writer-turned-savior of worlds. One of the biggest fan demands is that Alan should appear in Control 2. 

alan wake 2

While that is yet to happen, Control’s protagonist Jesse Faden does appear for a second in Alan Wake 2’s Ocean View Motel story chapter. Remedy has already confirmed both their franchises are set in the Remedy Connected Universe, so a crossover is inevitable.

Remedy also has plans for Alan Wake 2 DLC, so Jesse might play a bigger role there. Until then fans will have to sit tight.

Will Control 2 Have Multiplayer?

Likely, Control 2 won’t have any sort of multiplayer or co-op mode to it. Though if you want multiplayer, Remedy is developing a multiplayer spin-off of Control codenamed Condor.

While the possibility of multiplayer in the sequel exists, I don’t think Remedy will abandon making fully narrative-driven titles.

Control 2’s release date is still far away. In the meantime, here’s a list of the most anticipated games of 2024 that aren’t.