Everything We Know About Towerborne

After its official announcement in June of 2023, many gamers became extremely excited about the new Towerborne video game, which Stoic is currently developing. While the game might have created a bit of anticipation after its leak in 2021, many were happy to finally get a full trailer and more for the upcoming title.

Still, with the game’s release just beyond the horizon, a lot of fans are searching the internet daily for more and more information on the title.

Here is everything we know as of now of Towerborne.

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What is Towerborne?

Towerborne is an upcoming side-scrolling action-adventure video game. The story takes place in a fantasy world, which has been decimated by monsters. Players will spend their time completing missions, travelling to different parts of the world, and regaining the territory that belonged to them.

The game will be updated constantly, getting new content periodically even after it has already been released. Towerborne was also developed in Unreal Engine, which is easily one of the most popular developing software right now.

Players can acquire different types of weapons, including swords, daggers and more when fighting, and the map will be unlockable via hex style. This means specific areas of the map will be accessible after beating areas before it.

When Will Towerborne be Released?

As of now, there is no definitive release date for Towerborne. However, though, Stoic has made it apparent that the game is set to release at some time in 2024.

Though, many gamers have had a chance to try out the game. Since its announcement back in June of 2023, Stoic has allowed many people who signed up on their website to test the game in a free beta mode.

Towerborne has also been playable at a few live in-person events, which allowed people walking around the event to test out the game.

Will Towerborne be Playable on PS5, Xbox and PC?

While the game will be playable on both Xbox and PC, it will not be available on PS5 or PS4. Stoic has teamed up with Xbox Game Studios to release the title exclusively for Microsoft.

While the game might not be available for PlayStation users, it does not seem like it will take too much to run, meaning people with lower-end PCs might still be able to play the game.

Will Towerborne be Released on iOS or the Nintendo Switch?

As of now, Towerborne will not be released on either iOS, Android or Nintendo Switch. The game is still a Microsoft exclusive, meaning it will only be playable on Xbox and PC. Perhaps in the future, though, Microsoft will allow the game to be released on other platforms.

Is Towerborne Open-World?

No, Towerborne is not open-world. The game presents a hex-style map, where different territories are divided up into hexes. To unlock each territory, you will have to complete various missions in another hex.

While this is not open-world, it still allows players to explore each hex, trying to complete as many quests as possible. People who play Towerborne should expect intense action during each mission, with each hex they unlock having harder monsters to fight.

Is Towerborne 3D or 2D?

While Towerborne does have 3D graphics, it is not an entirely 3D style of third-person adventure. The game is a side-scrolling video game, meaning your characters move from left to right in each mission.

Still, with some beautiful cell shading, the game has great graphics that fit its fantasy persona perfectly.

Will Towerborne Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Yes! Those who love to game with friends will be delighted to know that Towerborne will have a multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to take on monsters at once. This a multiplayer co-op mode, though, so you will not be able to compete against friends.

Still, going into battle with others is more fun than always playing by yourself. This will make Towerborne the perfect game to complete a fun and riveting storyline together.

What is Towerborne’s Rating?

Towerborne is currently rated as T for Teen. The rating description tells us that the game will have fantasy violence, mild blood, drug references, mild language and crude humour. This was expected upon the game’s announcement, though.

Towerborne seems to be very mild, presenting it as a fun game for teenagers and up to play.

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