Every Game Shown At The Triple-i Initiative 2024 Showcase

The new Triple-i Initiative held its first digital showcase on Wednesday, and with it came over 30 indie games for players to check out. We know it can be hectic to keep track of everything, so to keep it all in one place, we put together a roundup of every game that was shown during the Triple-i Initiative 2024 showcase.

Games from the developers behind Slay the Spire, Terraria, Dead Cells, and more showcased what they’ve been working on, and you can check everything out for yourself below.

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As always, let us know what games you are excited about in the comments!

Triple-i Initiative 2024 Showcase Games

Slay The Spire II

Risk of Rain 2: Devotion Update

Kill Knight

Shadows Of Doubt

My Time At Sandrock


Gestalt Steam & Cinder

Vampire Survivors – Operation Guns DLC

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Never Alone 2


Death Must Die – Act II

Endzone 2

Dyson Sphere Program

UnderMine 2


What The Car

Darkest Dungeon II


Broken Roads


Cat Quest III

Hyper Light Breaker

The Last Spell – Dwarves of Runenberg DLC

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Wizard of Legend 2

Let’s School

Brotato – Abyssal Terrors DLC


Streets of Rogue 2

Old World – Behind the Throne DLC

33 Immortals



V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania

The Rogue Prince of Persia

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