Epic Confirms ‘Free Games Program’ Will Continue ‘Beyond 2023’

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Epic Games’ Kyle Billings recently took to the stage at Unreal Fest 2023 to express a few sentiments about the future of the company and what comes next. During this breakdown, Billings touched upon the ‘Free Games Program’ that Epic has run so successfully in the last few years that it has brought in ‘over 90M new users’ since it went live.

It was said quite clearly that, owing to the ability of the Free Games Program to attract new users so easily, it’ll be stood up ‘through 2023 and beyond’ – so users can expect free games on the Epic platform for quite some time to come.

Truly Free

Epic Games’ ‘Free Games Program’ is one of the only services of its kind where players can get truly free games with no strings attached. There may be free games that are bundled with PS Plus or Game Pass Ultimate, but they’re hidden behind a subscription-fuelled paywall, and they always have been.

It was at the tail end of 2018 that Epic kicked off this program, debuting with Super Meat Boy and Subnautica – two fantastic games. Since then, the program has been broadened immensely, and gamers have gotten free access to games like:

Since 2018, hundreds of top-tier titles have been given away for free, and it comes as no surprise that the service has attracted and retained tens of millions of users on the PC platform.

In the video below, you can catch the full talk from Unreal Fest 2023:

Have you ever taken advantage of a free game from the Epic Games launcher?

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