Diablo 4 Season 2 Teaser Removed Due to Mistakes Being Discovered

diablo 4 steam

Blizzard is gearing up to release Season 2 of Diablo 4 on October 17 titled ‘Season of Blood’. The Season will also coincide with the release of Diablo 4 on Steam, which recently received the Steam Deck verification accolade.

Ahead of the release of Season of Blood, Blizzard posted a new teaser trailer to highlight some quality-of-life changes that will be coming, but it was quickly removed following the community discovering numerous mistakes in the trailer.

Despite it being removed, YouTuber Raxxanterax managed to watch the trailer and give some feedback while pointing out the vast amount of inaccuracies that were present. The first mistake showed brand new map improvements and layouts, but Blizzard had switched the side-by-side comparison, showing the updated design as the old layout and the original design as being what will be present in Season of Blood. The second mistake compared the improved horse speed, which was identical to the original and showed no increase in movement between the versions of the game.

In the final mistake, Blizzard miscalculated the new 40% boost to base XP. This would mean that rather than earning 1,000 XP, you will now earn 1,400 XP due to the 40% boost. However, Blizzard added the two figures together rather than multiplying, resulting in it showing 1,040 XP on screen.

In between uncontrollable laughter, Raxxanterax noted that ahead of BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard should “send me the whole slides ahead of time and give me an NDA to double check,” and that Blizzard was “making it real hard” to hype up Diablo 4 Season 2.

As of the time of writing, an updated trailer hasn’t been released by Blizzard, but it should be released ahead of Season 2 beginning on Tuesday, October 17, which will see a brand new Vampire Hunter quest line, a new seasonal event, many quality-of-life and mechanic changes, as well as new monsters and variants.

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