The Next Blizzard Game Coming To Steam Is Diablo 4

diablo 4 steam

After Blizzard and Steam announced a deal that would start bringing Blizzard games over to the digital storefront, questions began about how and when games would be released. First, it was Overwatch 2 that became available back in July. Now, the second game coming over since the announcement will be Diablo 4.

Available starting October 17, Diablo 4 launched in June and quickly became the fastest-selling Blizzard game ever.

As far as the date of the Steam release goes, it’s interesting in two areas. The first is that it coincides with the release of Season 2: Season of Blood within the game. Secondly, it also happens to be the day before the current deadline for the closure of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. That, however, is likely sheer coincidence as opposed to intentional.

Like with Overwatch, those who install Diablo 4 via Steam will still have to link their account. However, those players will have access to their friends lists, achievements, and game invites via Steam. The game’s availability on the platform also makes it easier to play on Valve’s Steamdeck handheld PC.

If you already own the game through, you have to purchase it again through Steam in order to use the launcher.

“Those wanting to play on Steam will need to first purchase the game on that platform, then connect Diablo IV to a account (as we require for all platforms),” the announcement reads.

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